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One of our most accommodating fireplace doors

Bar Iron

Stoll Bar Iron Door

Exceptionally rigid frame, most customizable door style

Entry level, basic frame and door style with custom sizing

Flushed with minimal framing and a cleaner view into the fireplace

Clear, natural finish with rustic window pane

Hand forged distressed reminiscent of hand-wrought metal

A two step process of heating and hammering gives a unique finish

Entry level, basic frame and door style with custom sizing

This design replicates the look of metalwork at the forge and anvil

Appealing blend of raw metal, exposed welds and grind marks

Unique design allows the doors to roll back and forth on the frame

Transitional door perfectly accents a large variety of settings

Thinnest doors from Stoll with minimalistic, yet elegant, look

Remarkably simple and clean design perfectly compliments any modern environment

Combines aluminum doors with a steel frame for a unique look

Combines a steel main frame with an aluminum door frame, providing a clean and streamlined design

Fireplace door with a window pane design by Stoll

Enhance the beauty and usefulness of any fireplace design

Classic design and style of a fireplace with a mesh door

Semi-frameless door made to fit a variety of fireplaces

Features a sleek design for indoor or outdoor use


Stoll Avalon Door

Enhance the beauty and usefulness of any fireplace design

Industry-leading aluminum and components 

Stainless hardware option for outdoor settings

Fireplace Tools

Forged Iron

Industrial (1800)

Industrial (1810)

Forged Iron

Industrial (1800)

Industrial (1810)

Stainless (5500)






Twisted Rope

Wrought Iron

Hearth Center

Log Holders, Rings & Racks



Premium Hood

Premium Hood

4.5" Deep Hood

8.5 Deep Hood



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