Princess 29

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The Princess 29 is an exceptional wood fireplace insert renowned for its high-efficiency performance, boasting an impressive HHV efficiency rating of 75%. Despite its generously spacious 2.6 cu.ft. firebox, the Princess 29 features a clever design that enables seamless installation even in compact fireplaces. With a thoughtful extension of 11″ onto the hearth, this insert maximizes the distribution of firebox heat, ensuring a more radiant and cozy environment within your space. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance with the Princess 29 – where innovation meets comfort.

Finish Options:

Optional Accessories:

    • Satin or Gold Plated Door
    • Multiple shroud sizes
Max BTU 43,000 BTU's
Burn Time (On Low) Up to 29 hours
Efficiency 75.4% (EPA approved)
Emissions Rate 1.26 g/hr (EPA approved)
Constant Heat Output (High) 35,980 BTU's/hr for up to 9 hours
Constant Heat Output (Low) 11,686 BTU's/hr for up to 27 hours
Firebox Size 2.57 cu. ft