Ashford 25

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Presenting the Ashford 25 – an exceptional fireplace insert that strikes the perfect balance between size and performance. With a generous 2.3 cu. ft. firebox, this medium-sized marvel accommodates logs of up to 22 inches in length. Experience extended hours of comforting warmth, with a remarkable low burn duration of up to 25 hours.

Efficiency and cleanliness define the Ashford 25, ensuring a more sustainable and enjoyable heating experience. Covering a range of 400 to 1,600 sq. ft., this versatile insert efficiently warms a variety of spaces. The expansive door showcases a wide-screen glass viewing area measuring 24″ x 11″, providing an immersive view of the dancing flames. Enhanced with a nickel-plated, artisan-crafted olive-wood door handle, the attention to detail is truly unparalleled.

The Ashford 25 embraces innovation through its distinctive control system, granting you the power to customize your desired level of warmth. Choose from a selection of stunning finishes – the sleek Metallic Black paint, the dignified Cast Gray paint, or the rich Chestnut Wood enamel. With its layered surround panel and advanced features, the Ashford 25 is an embodiment of elegance, efficiency, and control, redefining the art of home heating.

Finish Options:

Optional Accessories:

  • Multiple shroud sizes
Max BTU 49,000 BTU's
Burn Time (On Low) Up to 25 hours
Efficiency 77% (EPA approved)
Emissions Rate 0.9 g/hr (EPA approved)
Constant Heat Output (High) 29,966 BTU's/hr for up to 8 hours
Constant Heat Output (Low) 9,589 BTU's/hr for up to 25 hours
Average Heating Time 8 - 13 hours
Firebox Size 2.3 cu. ft
Flue Size 6"