Ashford 20.2

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We proudly present a masterpiece meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, showcasing the enduring artistry of cast iron. The result is a stunning and sophisticated furniture piece adorned with intricate detailing and graceful contours. Introducing the Ashford collection, available in three exquisite finishes: the timeless painted metallic black, the dignified cast gray, and the rich chestnut gloss enamel.

The door and bypass handles, fashioned from the finest burled walnut, exude opulence and refinement. Every interaction with your stove becomes an experience of luxury. The Ashford 20 boasts an adjustable dual-action door latch, offering a reassuring and secure locking sensation while ensuring effortless operation.

For added convenience, the Ashford 20 comes complete with a standard Ash Drawer, thoughtfully designed with Easy Glide runners. The removable Ash Pan and Lid enhance the user experience, making maintenance a breeze. Elevate your space with the Ashford 20 – where functionality meets elegance in perfect harmony.

Finish Options:

Optional Accessories:

  • Dual Fan Kit
  • Cast Iron Legs
  • Fresh Air Kit for Mobile Home
Max BTU 39,000 BTU's
Burn Time (On Low) Up to 20 hours
Efficiency 77% (EPA approved)
Emissions Rate 0.7 g/hr (EPA approved)
Constant Heat Output (High) 28,355 BTU's/hr for up to 8 hours
Constant Heat Output (Low) 11,342 BTU's/hr for up to 20 hours
Average Heating Time 8 - 11 hours
Firebox Size 1.8 cu. ft
Flue Size 6"